Welcome To The Wright Pick

My name is Jonathan Wright. I’m passionate about a great many things in my life but Sports,  Screens,  Smorgasbords are my specialty.


(Yes that is me petting a duck with a cigar in my mouth, I go BIG)

Back in my days at Villanova (graduated in 2012) I was the Head Honcho and Sport Director for my very own Radio Show: “Johnny Romez With The Wright Stuff” on WXVU 89.7 and was one of the best color commentators around. I spoke on behalf of every sports fan on campus and brought insightful, engaging, & witty banter to my listeners.  Since graduation, I’ve haven’t had an outlet for these prodigious talents of mine.


I created this site in the hopes of bringing you that same enthusiasm that I brought WXVU’s most talked about radio show. Like a robust churchill paired with a single malt scotch, some things are meant to go together.

Commentating and writing are in my blood and I am very excited to start bringing you the very best in Sports,  Screens,  & Smorgasbords commentary.


Thanks for stopping by.

-Jon Wright



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