NFL Wild Card predictions

Posted: January 1, 2015 in Sports Musings
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So, yes I am trying to redo NFL picks after my disastrous effort earlier in the season.

Cardinals vs Panthers

The smart pick would be the cardinals in the game as the panthers are the second team to make it to the playoffs with a losing record. But the Cardinals are starting their 3rd string QB. I still will pick the Cardinals, but Carolina will make it into a game.

Ravens v Steelers

This should a a classic game between hated AFC north rivals. I pick Pittsburgh as they are my AFC dark horse pick

Bengals vs Colts

I am going to say that Cincy will finally break through on their 4th straight trip to the payoffs and finally get a playoff win. Andrew luck will make it a game coming off his best statistical season

Detroit vs Dallas

I was hoping for this matchup in the playoffs for the NFC title game. But the NFC bracket didn’t lend itself for that to happen. A few weeks ago, I would have gone Detroit all the way, but Dallas finished really strong, and have convinced me that this is their best shot at a title since the 3 titles in the early 90’s


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