NFL Divisional Round

Posted: January 6, 2015 in Sport musings, Sports Musings

(Disclaimer: do not take my picks too seriously. I have been off my game this year, and why I stopped picked weekly games between week 4 and last week)

Baltimore @ New England

Baltimore has won 2 of 3 playoff games @ New England. The one thing I love every January is the eventual loss by the Patriots. This is the week it happens. Another one and done by Brady.

Carolina @ Seattle

Last week I wasn’t surprised Carolina won. Arizona was on their third string Qb and he was no Willie Beamen. Seattle will won this game. It’ll be close at halftime and then Seattle will take off and dominate.

Indianapolis @ Denver

Sunday has the two best games of the weekend, starting with this matchup. PEYTON VS LUCK. PEYON VS HIS OLD TEAM. Really fantastic storylines. This should be a great and close game. Denver isn’t as dominant offensively as 2013, but still great. I pick Denver but I will not be surprised if the colts win this. Manning does have the knack for a playoff dud.

Dallas @ Green Bay

The best game of the week. Hands down. Jerry jones will make sure his lucky charm, NJ governor Chris Christie is in the owners booth (Dallas 4-0 when he attends the game). This should be a shootouts between probably the best QB matchup of the playoffs (sorry Brady v manning, but it’s old and I’m tired of it). I’m going to pick Dallas in the lambeau field upset


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