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A little over a month ago, one of my best friends and myself decided to try out this whiskey bar I had heard about called Hudson’s Bar & Books. What piked our interest was that hand rolled its own cigars. So we got dolled up & put on our absolute Sunday best, had a nice filling sushi dinner, and took a train into the city to check this place out.

The bar

The bar

When we had arrived, we noticed the place had a calm & relaxed atmosphere, where people enjoying a nice whiskey, puffing on a sweet torpedo or a robust churchill, talking among themselves. Out of all the bars that I have been too on Long Island, NYC, Philly and D.C., this was the first bar to have a playlist of music that wasn’t Top 40, but including artist such as Bob Dorough, Sam Cooke, Herman’s Hermits; a collection of jazz, soul 7 the like which makes the atmosphere much more suited to have actual conversations with people.

The one element that tied the entire environment together into one large bow of classiness: the continual playing of James Bond movies. It just feels right seeing Bond get the lady & save the world, while I drink some quality whiskey.

I wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful whiskey bar to anyone who enjoys a quality whisky to drink, a delicious cigar to puff on and wonderful conversation to have with your friends.