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(Disclaimer: do not take my picks too seriously. I have been off my game this year, and why I stopped picked weekly games between week 4 and last week)

Baltimore @ New England

Baltimore has won 2 of 3 playoff games @ New England. The one thing I love every January is the eventual loss by the Patriots. This is the week it happens. Another one and done by Brady.

Carolina @ Seattle

Last week I wasn’t surprised Carolina won. Arizona was on their third string Qb and he was no Willie Beamen. Seattle will won this game. It’ll be close at halftime and then Seattle will take off and dominate.

Indianapolis @ Denver

Sunday has the two best games of the weekend, starting with this matchup. PEYTON VS LUCK. PEYON VS HIS OLD TEAM. Really fantastic storylines. This should be a great and close game. Denver isn’t as dominant offensively as 2013, but still great. I pick Denver but I will not be surprised if the colts win this. Manning does have the knack for a playoff dud.

Dallas @ Green Bay

The best game of the week. Hands down. Jerry jones will make sure his lucky charm, NJ governor Chris Christie is in the owners booth (Dallas 4-0 when he attends the game). This should be a shootouts between probably the best QB matchup of the playoffs (sorry Brady v manning, but it’s old and I’m tired of it). I’m going to pick Dallas in the lambeau field upset


So, yes I am trying to redo NFL picks after my disastrous effort earlier in the season.

Cardinals vs Panthers

The smart pick would be the cardinals in the game as the panthers are the second team to make it to the playoffs with a losing record. But the Cardinals are starting their 3rd string QB. I still will pick the Cardinals, but Carolina will make it into a game.

Ravens v Steelers

This should a a classic game between hated AFC north rivals. I pick Pittsburgh as they are my AFC dark horse pick

Bengals vs Colts

I am going to say that Cincy will finally break through on their 4th straight trip to the payoffs and finally get a playoff win. Andrew luck will make it a game coming off his best statistical season

Detroit vs Dallas

I was hoping for this matchup in the playoffs for the NFC title game. But the NFC bracket didn’t lend itself for that to happen. A few weeks ago, I would have gone Detroit all the way, but Dallas finished really strong, and have convinced me that this is their best shot at a title since the 3 titles in the early 90’s

So the baseball regular season finished with a bang with Derek Jeter’s final career game, hit and RBI vs Boston, and Zimmerman throwing the first No Hitter in nationals history. I will now go ahead and do my predictions for the 1 game wild card playoff for the National League & American League. I will do a round-by-round prediction with my posts to keep my picks current. But my overall picks to win the Al and NL are the Dodgers & Angels.

American league Wild Card Round

Oakland Athletics @ Kansas City Royals

Oakland has been in a tail dive since the July 31st trade deadline, going from World Series favorite with the best record in the AL to the away team in the 1 game WC playoff round. And the Royals have been this seasons Cinderella team, having reached the playoffs for the first time since 1985. Oakland’s big pickup from that fateful trade deadline, left ace Jon Lester will match up against Kansas City Ace James Shields. I do not trust Oakland. Kansas City will move on to play the Angels.

San Francisco Giants @ Pittsburgh Pirates

Having won 2 World Series Titles since 2010, the Giants seem to have enough playoff experience to advance to the NLDS vs the Washington Nationals. But I really like how the Pirates have been playing in their resurgence the last 2 years. Madison Bumgarner will start for the Giants against Edison Volquez for the Pirates. This game is a tossup, but I like the Pirates to advance because their home crowd should provide the difference.

NFL Week 4 Predictions

Posted: September 25, 2014 in Sports Musings
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So I went 8-8 last week in my predictions. My best calls was Baltimore winning on a last second FG vs the Browns, 23-21, and Kirk Cousins having a huge game vs Philly. We have hit the first few teams on bye. Lets see if I can improve my predictions this week.

NY Giants @ Washington
Eli should build on the confidence he showed last week and pull his team even at 2-2 vs Washington. While Kirk Cousins shows he is the future Franchise QB of Washington instead of the injury prone RG3.

Green Bay @ Chicago
Aaron Rodgers completely destroys the Chicago defense, as the bears have no answer for the best QB in the NFL.

Buffalo @ Houston
The Texans gave me no confidence to give them the nod with their lifeless showing last week vs the Giants. Bills win.

Tennessee @ Indy
Jake Locker is a good QB with no weapons except Nate Washington. Indy wins this AFC South match up to pull even at 2-2.

Carolina @ Baltimore
Carolina was embarrassed by Pittsburgh on SNF. I look to them to bounce back with a win.

Detroit @ Jets
The Jets face their 3rd straight NFC North opponent in a row. The jets hit the halfway mark of their brutal 6 game stretch against Pro Bowl QBs. I see them finally picking up their first win since Week 1.

Tampa Bay @ Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh should have no problem dispatching their 2nd straight NFC South opponent. Pitt wins Easily.

Miami @ Oakland
As much as I hate the dolphins, Oakland is still the laughing stock of the NFL. Miami wins.

Jacksonville @ San Diego
San Diego faces the other laughing stock of the NFL. Jacksonville should start to look into starting Bortles.

Atlanta @ Minnesota
Without AP, I don’t see Minnesota winning this game. Bridgewater should have a good debut, if he starts.

Philly @ San Francisco
San Francisco has the defense to stop the Chip Kelley offense.

New Orleans @ Dallas
As i said, with last weeks big comeback, Romo has given Dallas false hope. But the Saints offense is too good for the shitty Dallas Defense to contain.

New England @ Kansas City
Upset pick of the week, Kansas City wins on Monday night.

NFL Week 3 picks

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Sports Musings
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Allright. I’m here with my Week 3 picks. I have not counted how many i got right from last week, but ill give you my overall record next week. I will not say anything in regards to all the domestic violence stories gong on since I like to have fun when I watch football, and not be bogged down by social issues. So lets get to the predictions.

Tampa bay @ Atlanta

Matt Ryan should go off on the Tampa Defense, now that Doug martin is out of the game plan for tampa’s offense. Roddy White is healthy and should be big. Atlanta should win.

Baltimore @ Cleveland
With the Browns surprise win over the Saints last weekend, I won’t count them out. But i believe Baltimore will win this nail biter of a game.

San Diego @ Buffalo
Buffalo is the surprise 2-0 team of the league. I will give them the call to move to 3-0 as Sammy Watkins follows the big game he had last week.

Cowboys @ Rams
A muck up matchup. I’d pick Dallas, where Romo gives Dallas fans false hope.

Washington @ Eagles
Kirk Cousins will officially be on the map as a legit NFL QB with a win this week over Philly

Houston @ New York Giants
Eli finally shows he has a grasp of the new offense in a win this week over the Texans. JJ Watts goes for another recieving touchdown.

Minnesota @ New Orleans
Drew Brees Wills the saints to their first win of the season.

Tennessee @ Cincinnati
The Bengals look too good to be stopped by the titans.

Green Bay @ Detroit
This game is a toss up. Either team can win. It will go down to whoever has the ball last. Green bay by a FG

Indy @ Jacksonville
Andrew luck Wills the Colts to their first win over the lifeless Jaugaurs.

Oakland @ New England
Tom brady will tear apart This Oakland defense. Pats in a blowout

San Francisco @ Arizona
San Franciso defense will dominate this matchup. San francico wins by 10.

Denver @ Seattle
Denvar will win this revenge game in the 5th regular season match up of the previous seasons Superbowl participants

Kansas City @ Miami
a muck up matchup. Miami wins

Pittsburgh @ carolina
Carolina will overcome the Pittsburgh defense. Panthers by 10.

Chicago @ New York Jets
The Jets will make it a perfect weekend at the meadow lands as they win this match up vs the bears in a close game. The jets use last weeks heartbreak as a motivation to take down the bears.

After an exciting 2 weeks of group play where we saw defending World Cup champion Spain, & powerhouses England (1st time eliminated in group play since 1958), Portugal, & Italy eliminated in group play, and seeing teams thought to have no shot at advancing like Costa Rica, the United States (U!S!A! U!S!A! WOOOOOOH) and Greece. Now the fun part of the World Cup is about to begin: The knockout stage.

The following picks will be how I see the tournament unfold:

Round of 16

Brazil over Chile.

Brazil is the host nation and one of the best teams remaining. Hard to pick against.

Colombia over Uruguay.

With the suspension of Suarez, Uruguay will be hard pressed to win

France over Nigeria.

Nigeria has played well but doesn’t have a shot vs the french.

Germany over Algeria.

Same with the previous match, Algeria has no shot.

Mexico over Netherlands

The first big upset in the round of 16 as the 2010 World cup Runner Ups fall early.

Costa Rica over Greece

Greece was lucky to make it this farm as Costa Rica continues its dream run.

Switzerland over Argentina

Messi will score , but the Swiss will pull ahead on penalty kicks for the upset.

USA over Belgium.

The 3rd CONCACAF team advance in yet another upset.


Brazil over Colombia.

Host nation is too good to lose in this matchup.

France over Germany

Upset over the German teams offensive efficiency.

Mexico over Costa Rica

Even match between 2 CONCACAF foes.

USA over Switzerland

USA makes it to semifinals for the first time since the inaugural 1930 World Cup as the Swiss go back to being neutral chocolateers.

Semi finals

France over Brazil

The host nation finally loses in a thriller vs France.

USA over Mexico

A tightly contested match between bordering nations  where USA wins on penalty kicks. USA continues it’s dream run to the finals.

3rd place game

Brazil over Mexico

Brazil gets a consolation prize after losing to France.


USA over France

The United States of AMERICA etches it’s name in World Cup glory for the first time, thus forcing the rest of the world to call the sport soccer for the next 4 years.




Hello everyone. It’s about that time where the world comes together and watches the World Cup, a truly global event involving the worlds most popular sport, football, or soccer to us Americans.

Here is John Oliver explaining FIFA:


This is a wonderful event that brought great matches like the 2010 final between Spain and the Netherlands, which had Spain winning it’s first World Cup title in a thriller 1-0 in extra time and it’s 2006 final between Italy and France, which had Italy win it’s 4th title 5-3 in penalty shots.

Here are my picks of teams I feel will advance from the group stage into the knockout stage.

Group A: Host nation Brazil and Mexico

Group B: Spain & Netherlands

Group C: Colombia & Ivory Coast.

Group D: England & Italy.

Group E: France & Switzerland.

Group F: Argentina & Bosnia and Herzegovina

Group G: Germany & Portugal.

Side note: this is most likely result, though I am pulling for USA make it through.

Group H: Russia & Belgium.


My picks for the knockout stage will come up when available.