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It’s been a long layoff but football starts up again and hopefully my predictions are better this year. 
I’m going to keep it short and simple. My final four for college football are:

1.) TCU

2.) Michigan State

3.) UCLA

4.) LSU

TCU over LSU in championship. 

Cal QB Jared Goff wins heisman. 


NFL Week 2 Picks

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Well the NFL got off to a great start.
NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

I know I didn’t have a week 1 edition, but it didn’t dawn on me to do one until seeing the Detroit Lions manhandle the New York Football Giants.

Thursday night

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens

With the media overreaction to the ray rice situation. I do not see how Baltimore can rise above the distraction that should never had happened. Pittsburgh wins 21-17

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills

A surprising matchup of 1-0 teams. I see Miami winning this 21-7 , but Sammy Watkins scores his first Td.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Washington Redskins

Easy pick. Redskins pick up their first win

Dallas Cowboys @ Tennessee Titans

The is a tossup. But I see Tennessee pulling out a win here

Arizona Cardinals @ New York Giants

The giants didn’t inspire any confidence with their loss to Detroit while Arizona got the win over San Diego.

New England Patriots @ Minnesota Vikings

I’d love to watch New England to lose 2 in a row with Peterson having a huge game. It’s a tossup but Brady just won’t let an 0-2 start from happening

New Orleans Saints @ Cleveland Browns

This is way too easy. Saints in a blowout.

Atlanta Falcons @ Cincinnati Bengals

This game is a tossup between dalton and Matt Ryan. Ryan had a mister game in week 1 but cincy’s defense is better then the saints d headed by the lesser of the Ryan twins. This game will come down to who has it last. Take Atlanta.

Detroit Lions @ Carolina Panthers

Top 5 offense vs a top 3 defense. If this was week 1 I would have picked Detroit. But with Cam newton getting his first start look for a panthers victory.

St. Louis Rams @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The rams are down to their, what, 4th string qb. But I’ll still think their defense will lead them to victory

Seattle Seahawks @ San Diego Chargers

Seattles defense is too much for rivers to overcome. The defending champs are 2-0

Houston Texans @ Oakland Raiders

Always pick against the raiders. Texans for the win.

New York Jets @ Green Bay Packers

I’m keeping my eye on the eddy Laceys’ concussion but it looks like he will play. The packers are the heavy favorites, & rightfully so, but the jets look like they might follow the same formula as Seattle with defense and running game to pull if the upset.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos

No contest. Broncos. The bloggers question: how many manning tds?

Chicago Bears @ San Francisco 49ers

Look for an 0-2 bears team and San Francisco easily defeat the bears

Monday Night football

Philadelphia Eagles @ Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis has enough defense and offense to keep chip Kelleys offense in check for the colts to win.

2014 EMMY Predictions

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So the Emmy nominations came out a few weeks ago and I have decided to hand out who I think should win the awards. I’ll start with directing and writing and work my way up to best programs.

Best writing comedy: I think its a three way race between silicon valley veep and louie. All strong episodes were submitted, but I feel any award for the show Louie is well deserved.

Best writing drama: the category is a Juggernaut with House of cards Game of Thrones Breaking bad x2 and True Detective. The award, IMO should go for the breaking bad episode ozymandias should win it as it was hands down the best hour of television of the year. 

Best directing comedy: this is clear cut. this award should go to Louie but Orange is the new Black, Modern family or Silicon Valley could win it.

Best Directing Drama: another juggernaut category as Boardwalk empire Breaking Bad Game of thrones House of Cartds and True Detective ll deserve to win it. The Watchers of the wall from game of thrones could pull ahead since it was an hour long battle scene.

Best supporting actor drama: this category has been Peter Dinklage’s award to win since his trial episode and his nasty seething hatred filled speech at the end of the episode.

Best Supporting Actress Drama: This award can go to either Anna Gunn, last years winner, Lena Headey, or Maggie Smith. And I see lena headey taking home the award in her first nomination.

Best supporting actor comedy: The award is between last years winner Tony Hale from Veep and Andre Braugher from Brooklyn 99. But Andre Braugher had a stronger year, so it goes to the first time nomiee.

Best supporting Actress Comedy: I see this award easily going to Kate Mulgrew who plays hard ass chef Red on Orange is the New Black

Best Actor Comedy: I really hope this is the year they give Louis CK his due for the show louie, or the academy can be lazy and give it again to Jim Parsons.

Best actor Comedy: I do believe this is the year Parks and recreation finally gets its emmy Love with a win for Amy Poehler, but I would be surprised it Julia Luis-Dreyfus three-peats in this category.

Best Actor Miniseries: this is a 3 way race between Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) Martin freeman and Billy Bob Thornton (Fargo). My pick would be either Thornton or Benedict.

Best Actress Miniseries: Could go to Jessica Lange or Sarah Pulsen for American Horror Story

Best Actress Drama: This award is between Robin Wright and Kerry Washington. Most likely Washington

Best Actor Drama: THE most anticipated category behind Best Drama. But its a 3 man race between Cranston Matthew McConaughey and Kevin Spacey. I hope the McConaughey love train ends here and Kevin Spacey gets his due with a emmy win for portraying the best character on TV: President Frank Underwood

Best Miniseries: easy. Fargo

Best variety Series: The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon

 Best television Movie: Sherlock

Best Comedy: This should be Louies year. modern Family will not repeat. But Veep or OITNB can sneak in a win here.

Best Drama: Breaking Bad had its swan song last year with its Best Drama win. Game of Thrones had its best season.But this is a race between House of Cards and True Detective. and I give House of Cards the win